The idea for this article came from a colleague. The article was initially titled “Dates from Hell”, then when I checked the internet for an image, I found so many blogs on the topic, even TV episodes and documentaries! Links at the end of this article.

So, I thought perhaps we widen the scope and look at both the “Dates from hell and Dates from heaven” and also get some stories from the men as well…..

I will start with a date from heaven……

“The Gentleman all the way”, every time I go out with this type, I want to see him again and again…He starts by pursuing you, calling you to find out more about you and your interests. He also shares his interests. Then he asks you out and its almost like he knows  everything about you. He plans the venue, it could be bowling then dinner; a movie, then dancing; it could be exploring parts of the city. For me, its fun, you talk, you discover things about each other. The surprises are pleasant and sometimes there aren’t any surprises, just a perfect flow of the date….boring?

Well,  we like to hear the ones from hell…..
“The Errand side kick”-  the date is…… he takes you on his errands or his rounds, meeting other people, drop off and pick other people, collect his laundry; pay  a bill; collect ‘something’ from one of his friends; pass by another friend to check what’s up and listen to how last night was kicking wherever; then he drops of you off and says, “Sweetie, you are such great company”
“Scooper-scoops” – This I got from a girlfriend and she described him “He scoops your thighs, your ass without permission” eewww!
“Cell phone junkie”- This one I experienced recently, the guy was on the phone the whole lunch date!Other cellphone junkies,  are tweeting, texting on the phone, they are  closer to than phone than you!
Lets get a guy’s experience……

My best date – Dinner, drinks,  She dressed for the occasion, offered to split the bill I refused. She phoned after a day, made me feel like we should go out again.

Worst date – we went out after dinner and she got too drunk, started crying.  We took a random cab, she puked and the cab driver drove off after he realized I dropped my wallet in the back seat.

Some more bad dates….
Me, me, me, guy-  talks about himself throughout, doesn’t leave an opportunity for you to talk,  he knows it all! There are women like this too.
Flosser-  First of all you better not come looking better than the guy! He doesn’t like competition, the guy just shows offs. Pays for your company
Court jester- thrives in the crowd, useless one on one. Like a politician who moves the crowd but at interview he is  boring! Very shallow, in a crowd you are looking for sound bites. No depth
Wandering Hands Disease (WHD) – Public displays of affection, but when not in public he is not interested in you! Shows no interest, it was all for show.
The Potholes: they appear deep but maybe they are not! It can never be crater, apparently deep but not! They are pretenders. Never know where you stand….
Here is another experience and its verbatim:

WORST DATE: – I used to date this guy *name with held* but all our dates had to be with the boys- if not, we went to nyama choma joints and what not. I am NOT a (very) high maintenance girl, but come on- spoil a girl once in a while and she will forever spoil you…..

BEST DATE: -  Has to be my last 1 anniversary diner @ Seven and lunch out of town just us two…..conversation about us, or future etc. not to mention the gifts that come with this. Also my birthday in 2011  was great because he threw me a party at a friends house *who specializes in mobile bars and cocktails* and we had over 50+ people, the tab taken care of by him.

And another….

Best date – when the date was a surprise and it was lunch in Naivahsa overlooking the lake + my favourite flowers- lilies
Worst date – at a restaurant with some guy that was very boring!!! I couldn’t  wait to leave.

Still the dates from hell seem to dominate….
Attraction junkie – once the dopamine is over he moves on to the next woman
Sex addict- it doesn’t matter what the conditions are they want to have sex whether you are sick, or he is sick. Greco Roman Freestyle wrestler! Just folds you in bed
Gay date – these are those guys who won’t get out of the closet, just want to be seen with you so that they can starve the rumors
Woman mishandler  – after few drinks all hell happens, wandering hands disease, kisses you without permission, falls all over you, is incoherent
Brings friends to the date -  not only the girls do it!
Let end on a heavenly note:

“Went on a date in Johannesburg where I was treated like a princess from start to finish. My date picked me up from the airport, checked me in to a separate room (we were just getting to know each other). After I freshened up, he took me to the most incredible restaurant, the ambience was great, the conversation flowed. During the date he gave me a Tanzanite necklace, a gold bracelet and a teddy bear. At the end of the evening, he drove me back to my hotel”

Sounds like a fairly tale and it really did happen…

Share your date stories with us…

Thanks to Divya Buddhev for the visual for the story…

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