Dear Hon Uhuru Kenyatta and Hon Raila Odinga Unite a divided Kenya

Dear Hon Uhuru and Hon Raila,

While we wait to find out which one of you will lead Kenya, allow me to interrupt your thoughts and disrupt the scenario planning brainstorming sessions.

The one scenario I’m hoping you are discussing is how you will unite a deeply divided Kenya. As the results are trickling in, it is clear each of the groups that support you are certain you will be the winner, and their messiah. Yet only one of  you will be president of all Kenyans.

The tension in the country is high, I’m hoping the time its taking to get the results is causing many to reflect and  is easing the attachment many people have to this election. I am hoping they will  realise they’ve done their part – voting. That the next phase is out of their hands and control.

For some it will be hard, because they have attached their future to the outcome of the election. I hope this makes them realise that in fact the future depends on how they react to the outcome; that they should be flexible and  make the necessary changes to the new circumstances.
I come from a multi ethnic background,  for over forty years I’ve been able to traverse Kenya without worrying about my ethnicity. The only time I was unable to travel  was during 2007/2008 post election violence,  my relatives from both sides warned me that no one would understand my multi-ethnicity, I’d have to denounce one! Since that was impossible, I  stayed  away.

I know I speak on behalf of many multi ethic communities and all Kenyans of all walks of life, “We want to live, work, marry, create our lives in any part of Kenya, in this new dispensation of counties”.

This time whatever the outcome, Hon Uhruru and Hon Raila, you MUST collaborate for a united Kenya. The institutions we’ve created in the last five years must be the ones to decide the fate of Kenyans.
This is the only way we can strengthen the institutions we created and make them accountable and credible.

It is clear when this is all over, IEBC has a case to answer to all Kenyans. It is also clear the Commission of Experts who drafted the constitution which we so overwhelmingly said yes to should have staggered our election, today this looks like a no brainer. It also clear the 10th parliament of which you were both part of, could have changed this law, since they were mutilating our constitution for self interest. Clearly all round, we are surrounded by an educated elite forming and running institutions that were created with no foresight.

In the meantime while Kenyans wait with bated breath, first things first, PEACE, INSTITUTIONS, DUE PROCESS, and most importantly political change and PROGRESS.

It’s actually all Kenyans time for peace and to EAT our national cake!


2 Responses to “Dear Hon Uhuru Kenyatta and Hon Raila Odinga Unite a divided Kenya”

  1. Muigwithania
    March 7, 2013 at 2:08 pm #

    @TheMuigwithania: We still maintain @UKenyatta should not legitimize Raila Odinga by meeting him . Let them go to court – kenyans are already keeping peace

  2. Raymond
    March 7, 2013 at 2:57 pm #

    I don’t really understand the structure or main emphasis of this blog. It really paints no picture of the dynamics at play but simply muses vaguely of what you suppose all Kenyans want. I think a lot of people unfortunately desire to triumph, than living in peace after being vanquished by the election results appointing the opposing leader as the new President.

    Peace and understanding will only be a priority after a general cathartic release of emotion – anger, hatred and possibly even violence.

    I do not foresee calm or a semblance of normality once the electoral commission gives the ‘verdict of the people’!

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