Betrayers everywhere

Everywhere I look we are more likely to be betrayed than killed with a stray bullet, killed by a mob, robbed, hit by an Al Shabaab bomb or knocked down by that proverbial bus. If you think about it even further, you are more likely to be betrayed by someone who is close to you and that betrayal is worse than being raped, shot, bombed, because it comes from the most unlikely quarters. Yet, we claim to be surrounded by family and friends, who love, cherish, care, and would do anything to protect us, yet they do the opposite – these people are truly our enemies, but they masquerade as friends and loved ones.

Do I sound negative, unfair, and ungrateful? Well, hear me out, because I know for sure, Al Shabaab is a known enemy and I want to talk about those enemies around us, those people who make our lives insecure every day.

Security warnings should be issued regularly against these people, every day the casualties are higher than the bombs that befall many people around the world. I doubt anyone has any documentary evidence on the traumatized and stigmatized casualties of betrayal.

Wendy is pacing up and down her matrimonial room, hyperventilating and wondering whether she should kill herself, kill her husband, kill her maid, or kill both her husband and the maid. For some reason that day, she did something that was off her usual ritual. Her normal routine;  wake up, seven am,  go to the loo, wake the kids up, go back to room and start getting ready for her day; Her husband, Rod, usually leaves early. That Thursday, instead of going back to her room to get ready, she decided she needed to speak to Wilkista the maid to prepare her lunch box, she’d forgotten to tell her last evening. Wendy goes to the kitchen calling Wilkista, she could see the remnants of her husband’s breakfast and noticed the breakfast table had not yet been laid out.

Irritation set in, “where the hell is she?”, wondered Wendy. “Wilkista, uko wapi?”, Where are you?”, she called out in an edgy voice, because now it seemed she needed to go to her quarters to look for her and as she was deep in this thought, she heard sounds. Someone is with Wilkista…and that voice sounds familiar. “It can’t be…”, she thought, that stuff only happens to other people! Her walk turned to a quick march and she banged on Wilkista’s door and pushed it. Lo and behold, there was Rod and Wilkista.

Wendy screamed like she’d been shot in the heart with a powerful weapon, it felt that way anyway. After all the drama of denials, blame, threats, Wendy realized the helplessness of not being able to take the law in her hands and kill both Rod and Wilkista, they are simply not worth it! She realized that they left her wounded, probably for a long time, that it really wasn’t that she married “the guy who does the house help”, because after all  Wilkista is a woman! She knew this, Rod betrayed her, used his powerful position as an employer to pick on someone who probably couldn’t say no and even if Wilkista enticed him, he did it willingly and he is not likely to stop this behavior. So, she had some decisions to make about the father of her children going forward….

Every day, we meet, we know or we read about many Rods all over the world, who are betraying their loved ones. That mother who gives up her daughter to prostitution. That Teacher who makes a form four student pregnant and doesn’t own up, the priest who molests young boys and never has a case to answer. The incestuous Father, the bully female boss sexually harassing her juniors. That “Uncle” or family friend who rapes you. These wicked and corrupt deeds go unpunished and leave a trail of destruction, sometimes permanent scars on people’s lives. Thank goodness for the human spirit of resilience, determination and sheer will, that many will search for many ways to heal and many will probably be healed by time or events that wipe out the pain.

We spend time and money securing our lives from supposed known enemies, thugs and  terrorists, while,  ”Many times your greatest pain comes from those who said they would never cause it,” by Roderick Richardson (@RichWisdom). 

My prayer each day is that if you are a victim of the betrayer is that you get justice and heal. If you are in a position to protect someone, do it immediately.

See the recent links I’ve read that seem to be an everyday occurrence in the world we live in today.


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